To lead a healthier and more balanced life, you don’t need to make an Olympic effort, nor do you need to be an elite athlete. All it takes is a few small everyday gestures, such as for example, including fruit and vegetables on your plate. As easy as that!

It’s as easy as starting your day full of Orange Power, with the energy and vitamins of oranges and mandarins from Spain.

As taking an apple to work and discovering that a snack can also be healthy.

As going green with asparagus and broccoli and discovering that a salad is everything but boring!

Or turning berry, having a fresh bowl of frech strawberries, or a blueberry smoothie before or after the gym!

What are you waiting for? Join the healthiest challenge of Europe!

Join the #LongLifeChallenge and compete for a better life by eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day.